"You're Going Where?!"

Surprised by the Call: Artemis and Rick Eudy

I never, in my wildest dreams, would have thought I'd hear these words from my husband, Rick. We were pastors in Southern California loving on our people. I had no idea what God had in mind for us—which is probably a good thing as His plans are always so much bigger (and better) then our own. Yet that first call was the beginning of what would become His Word Impact Ministries (HWIM).

The heart of HWIM is transformation of His Church in Africa from lack and poverty into Kingdom abundance. Working with native pastors and leaders, HWIM sponsors 3-day seminars in rural villages and towns, teaching and discipling in the ways of His Kingdom. 

God’s Truths are the power that sets people free and empowers change. Transformation from poverty to kingdom abundance requires changing religious belief systems and accepted cultural norms into kingdom life realities. Rick and HWIM are committed to seeing Father God’s sons and daughters prosper for His Kingdom purposes!

Rick shares, “In 2011, Father God gave me 3 aspects of ministry to be our long term focus for HWIM.”

1) Teach and disciple pastors and leaders in the ways of God’s kingdom. Rick has written an eight-lesson syllabus that HWIM gives to every pastor and leader who attends the seminars.

  • Since 2004, Rick has taught and continues to teach pastors and leaders in several African nations. 

2) Establish a “full time presence” in Africa.                                      

  • HWIM, working with Brother Daniel Adika of Kenya, have developed an HWIM African Prayer Network with intercessors in several nations.
  • HWIM as a registered Tanzania N.G.O. is working to establish an international headquarters in Moshi, Tanzania.

3) Raise up Timothys to carry the anointing and revelations of God’s Kingdom abundance. The ministry must continue for future generations.           

  • Rick is committed to building relationships and mentoring the Timothys that Father God calls.

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