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OUR Vision | OUR Hope

We believe all people deserve to live in God's fullness of life, transformed by the grace and power of Jesus Christ. Bringing the Truth of this good news to those in poverty-stricken areas of East Africa is the heart of His Word Impact Ministries (HWIM). Our hope is to mature the Body of Christ in Truth in order to bring them out of poverty. We envision this Truth to bring Spiritual and Economic Growth.

What We Do in East Africa

Partner with Local Churches/Ministries

We work in partnership with local churches to bring together leaders—those who can bring the Good News of our "Inheritance in Christ" to their local communities.

Teaching Truth - Bringing Transformation


Train Leaders Who Impact Communities

We provide a 3-day intensive training seminar,  a syllabus for each leader, meals, and in some cases, lodging. 

Teaching Truth - Empowering Lives


Inviting Others to Join Us

The work of HWIM is generously supported by those who partner with us to make these seminars possible. We could not do what we do without those who lovingly join us to bring this important work to the East Africans.

Partner With Us

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals of bringing our brothers and sisters in East Africa the transforming Truth of God's Word. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Thank you for any amount of help you feel led to give.

We appreciate you!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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